TomTom is – hands down – the best navigation tool in the App Store. When the turn-by-turn app was released in August, several concerns were raised, including iPod Touch users who felt left out. TomTom’s PR manager, Yann Lafargue, responded by promising¬† a car kit that would “work with the iPod Touch and will also work with third-party GPS applications.”


The car kit boasts enhanced GPS performance, hands-free calling, and battery charging. The light weight mounting device supports third-party GPS applications, but will not work with the iPod Touch. The TomTom Car Kit is about $130 bucks and appeared in Apple’s U.K online store today. It hasn’t made its way to the US Apple Store yet, but it should soon: there is an inactive link up already. Apparently Apple is the first to sell the new product; the TomTom Car Kit is still listed as “coming soon” on TomTom’s website.

As soon as my kit arrives I’ll post a review.¬† Apple promises to ship in three to four weeks.