You probably think you have enough line-drawing games on your iPhone or iPod touch to last you a lifetime, but Craneballs Studios’ new game titled 33rd Division may just be unique enough to entice you to give another one a shot.  It couldn’t hurt, 33rd Division is from the same studio that brought you Blimp – The Flying Adventures after all.

33rddivision_screen133rd Division is a line-drawing game with a WW2 setting.  Like all line-drawing games, 33rd Division requires you to tap and drag your finger across the screen to navigate your soldiers to safe zones.  But 33rd Division requires a bit more finesse then most line-drawing games.  It forces you to keep tabs on each and every soldier by giving you the ability to hide from oncoming forces by hitting the ground, which is done with a single tap.

33rd Division features two gameplay modes: Life and Time.  Life mode is more for casual players, allowing you to take your time to get your soldiers into their zones.  If you get caught, you simply lose one of your five lives.  You can always gain more lives back by acquiring one of the eight different power-ups.  Time mode is for the hardcore line-drawers out there.  It requires you to get your soldiers to their zones as fast as physically possible.  If you get caught, you will lose precious seconds, but you are also rewarded with more time for each soldier that makes it through.

The game also contains a large amount of other items and features, including four different missions, increasing difficulty, three different ally units, four different axis patrol units, an original soundtrack, tutorials, online leader boards via OpenFeint, and polished graphics and level design.

33rd Division is now available in the App Store for $.99.  Watch for Trevor’s in-depth review of the game, which should be hitting the homepage within the next day or so.

Embedded below is a video created by our own Trevor Sheridan during his preview of 33rd Division.