There are so many photography apps in the App Store and yet, there is no one app that could replace them all. Why not use multiple apps for that one special photo you want to enhance and send off in an email or Facebook?

There is one simple trick that is standard across most photography programs and that is Save and Load from your iPhones camera roll. This allows you to do things like crop your picture with PhotoGene and add a Helga effect to the same photo with CameraBag. Let’s take a look at how you might edit one photo with multiple apps!

To edit this particular photo, we will use the following apps: ColorSplash, CameraBag, and PhotoGene

Step 1: Find a photo in your Camera Roll you want to enhance or take a picture with the iPhones camera.

Step 2: Load the image in PhotoGene and apply a few things like Crop, exposure, RGB, etc. Once You are done editing the picture in PhotoGene, Save the photo to the Camera Roll

PhotoGene adds most of the basic features you would expect in editing a photo, but there are other apps that can bring this photo to the next level!

IMG_0190 IMG_0192 IMG_0193

Step 3: Load the same image in ColorSplash and edit the photo’s background to be black & white. Once again, save to the Camera Roll.

IMG_0198 IMG_0199

Step 4: Load the same image in CameraBag and add a preset effect of your choice. Once you are done, Save your image one last time.

IMG_0204 IMG_0205

The Results: Once your editing is complete, it will have the effects of three different Photo editing apps that could not have been all done with any single app. The power behind this (like I mentioned earlier) is the apps ability to save to and load from a central location (the Camera Roll).

photo IMG_0207