Comic-book stores are in rare supply these days. Comixology is the modern day, iPhone equivalent to this endangered-shop species. Sure — there is other comic-related content in the app store, but the Comixology app is in a league of its own. The app is free, allows users to browse through dozens of free comics and make in-app purchases for others.

Today, Comixology announced the arrival of the comic-book powerhouse Marvel. Yes: X-Men Marvel.

The Marvel comics now available:

The Astonishing X-Men (24 issues), Marvel Zombies (five issue mini-series), X-Men: Age of Apocalypse (six issues), X-23 (six issues), Captain America (first thirty issues), and two other X-Men related items. Each issue costs two bucks.

This is Marvel’s first step into the App Store, but they do have other “motion comics” for sale in iTunes.

Image via Comixology