Most of us enjoy a good evening, or sometimes even an entire weekend, of partying now and then, but dealing with results can be a less than enjoyable experience.  So why not just download Boozle for free this weekend and avoid the pain and suffering of getting boozed up in real life?

boozle_screen1Boozle is your basic match-three game with a party theme and an odd twist.  Like all match-three games, you are required to match three or more like pieces to remove them from the playing field.  But instead of a timer, you will be trying to avoid getting drowned or gorged.  The more alcohol you match, the further your meter goes towards being drowned, and the more food you match, the further it goes towards being gorged.  The idea is to keep a good balance of food and booze, which will prolong your game.  If you reach either side of the meter, the game is over.  Boozle features local and global high scores, the ability to share your achievements with friends via Facebook Connect, and a variety of power-ups.

Boozle does feature some adult themes and alcohol, so it is rated 17+.

Boozle originally launched in the App Store at the price of $.99, but it will be available this weekend free of cost.