Fortune Magazine just named Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs, the CEO of the decade. The byline is :

How Apple’s imperious, brilliant CEO transformed American business

Why Steve ?:

(Steve Jobs) has radically and lucratively reordered three markets — music, movies, and mobile telephones — and his impact on his original industry, computing, has only grown. Remaking any one business is a career-defining achievement; four is unheard-of. Think about that for a moment. Henry Ford altered the course of the nascent auto industry. PanAm’s Juan Trippe invented the global airline. Conrad Hilton internationalized American hospitality.

Furthermore they believe he’s one of those rare legitimate worldwide celebrities, in the ranks of Bono.

The article is worth the read, they approach his involvement in Apple’s day to day activities, the secrecy, his mythical character or his health issues, so if you’re interested in a 1000+ word hagiography of Steve Jobs, you should definitely give it a look.

Congrats Steve ! You really deserved it.

[via Fortune]