Super Monkey Ball 2, the much-hyped sequel to SEGA’s first monkey rolling effort, was released on the first of the month at the premium price of $9.99. ┬áThis weekend, however, the premium title won’t be carrying a premium price, as it will be 50% off for the entire weekend.

supermonkeyball2_screen1Super Monkey Ball 2 consists of tilting your device in every which way in order to get your monkey to the goal as fast as possible, while also collecting as many of the bananas that are scattered across the level as you can.

Super Monkey Ball 2 features all four of your favorite Super Monkey Ball characters, 115 challenging tracks, one mini-game (with 2 more to be added via a free update), improved graphics, local four-player multiplayer via Wi-Fi that allows you to compete on all 115 of the included tracks, and improved controls.  SEGA has also indicated that they have submitted v1.1 of the game, which will hopefully fix some of the compatibility issues that have plagued its initial release.

We have an in-depth review of Super Monkey Ball 2 available for any of you interested in taking a closer look.

Super Monkey Ball 2 is normally available for $9.99, but this entire weekend it will be available for $4.99.