AppTalk has been relatively quiet lately, though that is soon to change (hint). AppTalk is a place for more than just interviews, as it’s anything that gives insight into the world of iPhone developers. This week I just wanted to give special notice to five developers who have posted amazing personal blog posts.

Each one is a detailed look into their experiences as indie developers along with some sales data. These posts are all representative of the majority of stories in the App Store. There are few success stories, and for the most part sales are extremely limited.

There are almost 150,000 apps now, and there is a top 100 paid list, a top 100 Grossing list (with many shared apps), and then top 100 lists for each of the categories. That means there is far less than 1% of apps included in these charts which sadly many app buyers use to shop.

For the other 99% of developers it’s not an easy market at all, and they have put their experiences in their own words that are valuable resources for anyone who ever looks at the App Store. Also take a look at their apps that we listed at the bottom.

Noel Llopis from SnappyTouch discussing Flower Garden

Gavin Bowman from Retro Dreamer discussing their 1st year in the App Store

Owen Goss of Streaming Colour discussing Monkeys in Space

Ian Marsh of NimbleBit discussing their entire Catalog.

Tak Fung of MrFungFung discussing MiniSquadron

If you appreciate these posts let the developers know in the comments on the respective blog post, as I’m sure they would value your thoughts. These aren’t all fresh off the presses, but they’re still valuable, and worth pointing out.