Bird Strike is a relatively new game from New Zealand-based developers PikPok that may just look like another Doodle Jump clone at first glance, but offers a slightly different experience thanks to the trip back down to the surface.

birdstrike_screen1In Bird Strike, you will be launching and guiding Gerald the bird through the air in an attempt to collect as many bird seeds as possible in order to obtain the highest score. When you launch Gerald from his perch, he will have enough momentum to only go so far. Once Gerald loses speed, he will flap his wings to hover for a split second and then plummet back down to the surface. You must tilt your device from side to side to get Gerald to land on one of the many rockets to propel him back into the air.

The game contains a variety of obstacles, such as balloons, other birds, and girders, which you must avoid at all costs, otherwise Gerald will fall back down and you will have to collect another rocket.  It also contains power-ups such as umbrellas and football helmets to aid you in your quest to the top.

If you are skilled enough to reach the top of the level, an alien spaceship will blast Gerald and he will turn into a green fireball, but don’t worry, this is a good thing. Now that Gerald is a green fireball, he will be able to crash through anything and everything, and you will be rewarded for doing so, so aim for all of the obstacles that caused you grief on the way up.

The game features nine levels in three different locations, where you will be able to earn three different medals based on your score. It also features local leader boards, which is actually a bit of a disappointment considering this one begs for online leader boards. PikPok has stated that they do intend to add them via the next update, maybe even in OpenFeint form.

Bird Strike is now available in the App Store for $1.99.

Embedded below is a gameplay trailer for Bird Strike.