There is something about stick figures holding giant weapons while accomplishing the impossible that just gets iPhone and iPod touch gamers excited.  If you are one of those gamers, you will be excited to know that the Doodle Army wants you!

doodlearmy_screen1Doodle Army is an upcoming shooter/survival game by Chad Towns, the developer of Bastion and Pocket Kite.  In Doodle Army you will be tasked with mowing down waves of well-equipped enemies while utilizing 25 different and powerful weapons as you attempt to go the furthest distance.  You must reach the 1000m mark in order to move on to the next mission.

The game will feature two different control schemes to help you achieve your goal, and you will also be able to collect purple hearts to refill your health bar.  It will also contain 30 unlockable characters, four missions, and auto-saving checkpoints, so you won’t lose your progress.  The developer has stated that he intends to add even more missions, weapons, and enemies, including zombies, aliens, and cyborgs, via future updates.

You should be able to join the Doodle Army relatively soon, as the game has been submitted to Apple for approval.  It will be available for $.99.  Watch for an in-depth review shortly after the game’s official release.

Embedded below is a gameplay trailer for Doodle Army.