EA’s first Spore iPhone and iPod touch entry, Spore Origins, was one of the more unique and entertaining games to hit the App Store way back in September 2008 thanks to its use of tilt controls and official licensing.  But that was eons ago, at least in App Store time, so EA has decided to attempt to bring their creature creating and destroying game back to iPhone gaming prominence by evolving it into a land-based game.  The question is, have they done enough for us to care?

Spore Creatures picks up right where the original left off.  In the game, your Spore has evolved into a land-based creature faced with 20 all new environments to explore.  The game still utilizes tilt controls to steer your creature, and you must devour everything that is smaller than you in order to acquire enough DNA to level up your creature.  Leveling up is important in Spore Creatures, because certain creature upgrades, such as the addition of legs, are required to move on to the next level.

Spore Creatures also contains over 45 body parts for you to customize your creature with, tons of different skins, boss creatures, and updated 3D graphics.

Spore Creatures is now available in the App Store for $6.99.  If you are a big fan of the Spore series, this one may be worth the experience, but if you aren’t, there doesn’t seem to be enough new content here to warrant an early purchase.