Apple’s big event is less than a day away, and with so much speculation flying around, it’s hard to get a grip on what we may actually see unveiled tomorrow.  Developer Unweary has just released a new iPhone and iPod touch app that will not only help you organize this mess of rumors, but also keep score of just how right or wrong you are.

Prediction ($2.99) for the iPhone and iPod touch is basically a rumor aggregator and score card for Apple’s big event, but it also features a variety of other special industry events, such as E3, Mobile World Congress, Google I/O, and what have you, but since this week is all about Apple, that’s all we care about at this point.

When you first launch the app, you will see a list of events, and then once your event is chosen, a list of sourced rumors surrounding the event is displayed.  You can tap on a rumor to choose if you believe it is correct, partially correct, or just flat out wrong, and it will be displayed on the previous list via a color-coded dot.  All of the rumors have source material to view as well, so you can decide for yourself it is true or false.  Your final list with all of your predictions can then be sent off to your friends via email.

The developer of Prediction has also provided a handy PDF score card featuring all of the rumors, at least up to this point, for Apple’s big event tomorrow.  It’s more tedious and less environmentally friendly than the app, but it will save you a few dollars if you just want to predict the outcome of tomorrow’s event and nothing more with your co-workers.

So give either version a shot and prove to yourself and the world just how good you are at predicting events.