Namco has just released the iPhone version of Noby Noby Boy, a sandbox style game (if you can call it that) originally released for the PS3.

Noby Noby Boy came from the mind of Keita Takahashi who is best known for creating Katamary Damacy, which should help explain the oddness.  The game allows you to control and manipulate a worm-like creature called BOY in a variety of ways.  You can stretch BOY manually or plot him on a map and have your GPS stretch him out.  As BOY grows he can pass his growth onto GIRL, which can be shared with other’s online via Facebook.  Did that make any sense?

Noby Noby Boy also features a ton of other ways to interact with BOY.  You can add a clock to the screen, write on BOY, listen to music and have BOY interact with the character, take real-time augmented reality pics with BOY and the various objects on the screen, and even browse the web.  Anything you create in the game can be captured and sent via email to your friends and family members.

Basically, if you enjoy fiddling around with objects and physics in a cartoony environment, or if you have played and enjoy Noby Noby Boy on the PS3, the iPhone version may just appeal to you.  It’s very odd, very simple, and well, it’s Noby Noby Boy.

Noby Noby Boy is now available in the App Store for $1.99.

I have included as many screenshots as possible in order to give you a better idea of what to expect.  Hopefully it helps.