Bored of using your personal photograph on your social networking site? Or seeing your friend’s mug on your caller ID when he calls? WeeWorld’s WeeMee Avatar Creator can do the trick.

WeeMee characters are familiar if you’re a fan of WeeWorld’s avatar based social site for games and connecting with others on the web. They pretty much resemble characters out of South Park and now, with a newly released iPhone app, you too can have one of your own.

Avatar creation is pretty simple. You get to choose from male and female templates and have customizing options for your appearance, clothing, and environment settings. The fun part is obviously in the creativity and accessorizing of your WeeMee to reflect your personality and appearance. Luckily, there is a lot to choose from and the app’s developer promises even more with future updates.

Once your avatar is completed, you can save your creation to the in app gallery, to your photo album or assign them to your iPhone’s contact list. A minor gripe is there is no option to share directly with your favorite social networking sites but you can always import them later on.

For less than the cost of cheeseburger, you can now show off your personality and have some fun sprucing up your contacts list.

WeeMee Avatar Creator is available now in the App Store for $.99.