EA has finally broken their recent silence with the announcement of Skate It for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s a welcomed announcement indeed, as we haven’t seen or heard much from the company since the release of Spore Creatures in late January.

Skate It for the iPhone is based off of EA’s popular skating series which is available for a variety of other platforms, including the touch-based Nintendo DS. The game will have you grinding, jumping, and kickflipping your way through the fictional city of San Vanelona along with a handful of other real-world locations. Tricks will be performed using what EA is calling revolutionary touchscreen “flick-it” controls, and accelerometer controls will be used to actually guide and balance your skater.

The game will feature a variety of challenges that when completed, will open up new areas, award you with new gear and skate park features to assemble your own park, and sponsorships to line your pockets. Skate It will also feature a camera mode to replay your best tricks or crashes.

Skate It should be arriving sometime in May at an undisclosed price.