Glow Doodle Fall is a new colourful strategy game for iPhone. It’s fast, fun and challenging and not to mention highly addictive. This should appeal to fans who enjoy their strategy games with a retro feel.

In Glow Doodle Fall your mission is to help “Glow Doodle” escape a giant spike by falling through the level. The game controls use the accelerometer to move Glow Doodle by tilting your iPhone making the game really easy to pick up and play. You must guide Glow Doodle through the holes in the platforms without being caught by the huge spike that is chasing you and score points by staying alive as long as possible. The levels become more and more difficult as you progress. The early levels are simple enough for novices but the later levels are challenging enough for the more experienced so it should suit players of all skill levels.

Glow Doodle Fall has received some criticism due to an in app purchase of $0.99 to unlock a feature to play music from your iTunes library and this may concern some users. If users can see past this issue then this game could be a hit with casual gamers due to its slick interface and engaging gaming experience. As always, let us know what you think in the comments.

Glow Doodle Fall is available in the app store – Free