The long awaited Iron Man 2 app from Gameloft, previewed here on April 21st, has been released in the UK at £3.99.

Iron Man 2 is already receiving rave reviews in the UK and it is well worth the hype. The game follows the plot of the new movie. Playing as Iron Man this is your chance to save the world from Ultimo, Firepower and Whiplash. A great feature in this game is the choice to play as either Iron Man or War Machine. Iron Man is built for speed and War Machine is all about devastating firepower so you get to choose your suit to meet the demands of the mission. You also get to upgrade the Iron Man and War Machine suits, at the end of each stage, to build the ultimate armoured hero.The game is exciting and action packed. The 3D graphics are stunning and the gameplay is definitely an improvement on the first game from the Iron Man franchise. Iron Man 2 is one of the most impressive games I have played on the iPhone.

It isn’t very often that the UK gets something before its released in the US so this is a huge bonus for British Iron Man fans. Do not worry though, Iron Man 2 will be available for US release on May 3rd and based on the UK price-tag we expect it to retail at $6.99.

If you’re in the UK, let us know what you think of the game in the comments.

Iron Man 2 is available in the UK app store – £3.99