If you have ever dreamed of bowling against PBA stars then, with PBA Bowling, your dreams have come true. Enjoy a full 3D bowling experience with an interactive atmosphere right on your iPhone.

PBA Bowling is a new 3D game that includes tournaments, a spare challenge and online high scores.The reality of the game is incredible and the list of PBA stars, including Walter Ray Williams Jr, is quite impressive. There are even real life locations included so you feel like you are really playing in the PBA. As you progress though the game you can unlock special features to customise your ball with exclusive patterns and designs and the ability to post your scores to online leaderboards is also a great feature.

In PBA Bowling you can adjust the playing level to suit your experience and so it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, you will be able to enjoy the game straight away. For the more experienced bowlers out there you can even put spin on your ball by using the accelerometer giving you the most realistic bowling experience on iPhone.

PBA Bowling is in the app store now for $2.99