Star Wars: Cantina is a great new game for iPhone from Lucasfilm Ltd. Playing as a galactic adventurer Nia Adea, this app allows you an opportunity to run your very own Cantina on Tatooine. You get to serve up drinks to Hutts, Gamorreans and Imperial Stormtroopers, a must for any Star Wars fans out there.

Star Wars: Cantina is a game of skill and strategy but the ultimate aim is to is to make sure that the right drinks find their way to the right customers before the time runs out. The basic concept of the game is quite simple but the colourful artwork, characters and storyline are what makes this app stand out and will really appeal to Star Wars fans. Some of your clients can  be very demanding and this game certainly keeps you on your toes. The game is fun, its straight forward and easy to control but at the same time it’s difficult enough to keep you entertained for more than just five minutes.

The rewards for doing well are also fantastic. As you progress through the game you’re rewarded with decorations, attractions and upgrades to make your Cantina the best in the galaxy.

Some of you might think that at $4.99 this app is overpriced, but some would argue that they’d pay anything for the chance to run their own Cantina on Tatooine!

Star Wars: Cantina is now in the App Store for $4.99.