Big Stone Phone’s iPad-optimized version of Twittelator didn’t go over too well with fans in v1.0.  The app was buggy, slow, and really just caught everyone off guard since the developers have been doing such a fantastic job with Twittelator Pro for iPhone.  But being the stand up developers that they are, Big Stone Phone has already addressed many of the issues that plagued the initial release in the most recent v1.1 update, and to make things even better, the app will be on sale for the next two days to celebrate the impending iPad 3G release.

“In celebration of the coming of the 3G version of the iPad, we’re having a 2 day sale,” said Andrew Stone (@twittelator), Stone Design’s CEO. “With the actual iPad hardware in hand, we have been able to address most of the issues that V1.0 had, plus add some powerful features like Channels and Swipe To Send.”

Twittelator for iPad features an interface that allows you to always keep track of your friends’ tweets on one side of the screen while you search what the rest of Twitter has to offer on the right.  It also features multiple account support, inline images, customizable wallpapers, and the ability to post photos and voice recordings.  All of these features are certainly great, but if the app is buggy and slow it’s all basically pointless, which is why Big Stone Phone is so excited about v1.1.

Twittelator for iPad v1.1 addresses all of the speed issues and bugs that plagued the initial release while adding to the already rich feature list.  The headlining feature in v1.1 is “Slide to Send.”  Instead of simply tapping a button, you are now required to slide it iPhone unlock-style instead, which should cut down on those accidental tweets.  The full list of new features in v1.1 is located below:

  • Tremendous speed and handling improvements
  • Slide to Send * Never accidentally send a tweet again
  • Channels let you discover topics that you’re interested in
  • Preview attached media
  • Copy tweets, just press and hold!
  • Improved multiple-account support
  • User interface optimizations
  • Heaps and heaps of other bug fixes

Twittelator for iPad is normally priced at $4.99, but for the next two days (April 28-29) it will be available for $1.99.

You are going to need some sort of Twitter app ready to go the moment you pick up your iPad 3G, so why not give Twittelator for iPad a look while it’s on sale?