Have you ever wanted to arrive for a business meeting feeling fresh and alert but you’ve just spent 14 hours on the “Red Eye”? Well, there’s an app for that. The Virgin Atlantic Jet Lag Fighter app is now available in the App Store and claims to use clinically proven techniques to significantly reduce the effects of jet lag.

There has been extensive research into the effects of jet lag which has shown that most travellers find it difficult to cope with travelling over several time zones. This type of travel causes a shift in your biological clock and the side effects of jet lag can be very unpleasant. Side effects include fatigue, disorientation, lack of energy, and broken sleep . Jet Lag Fighter aims to reduce these nasty side effects by using a personalized daily activity calendar to select the correct jet lag therapy type to suit your needs. The app uses the user’s personal profile and trip details to create a graph that displays a “real-time predicted adjustment” and an “alertness meter” to indicate the body’s peak levels of performance. This graph allows you to further understand and closely monitor the effects jeg lag is having on your body. During your journey you can read up on in-flight tips based on trip length to help your body adjust. There is also a full guide to jet lag which is designed to help you beat the unwelcome after effects suffered from long-haul flights.

Whether your flight is for business or pleasure jet lag can drastically reduce your productivity  at work or take some of the enjoyment out of your vacations. Hopefully this app can help to refresh and revive you after a long flight and make you feel human again. Let us know what you think.

Jet Lag Fighter is available in the App Store – $1.99