QuickAdvice: KartToon Rally

KartToon Rally by Ware-Wolf Games icon

KartToon Rally ($0.99) by Ware-Wolf Games is the latest release from Ware-Wolf Games and it’s currently on sale for 50% off the regular price. KartToon Rally, as the name suggests, is a cartoon character based go-kart racing game. On the face of it, the game is loosely based on MarioKart. It has 4 different characters to choose from, which are Robbie Duckie, Piggie Smalls, Ricky Raccoon, and Racer Rexand. As you race around the 9 different courses you can use power-ups to stop your opponents and have to try your best to dodge obstacles such as crocodiles and lava streams.

When I first read the app description in the App Store I was genuinely excited. I am a huge Mario Kart fan and in the absence of a Nintendo app I was hoping this could fill a gap on my iPhone. I was bitterly disappointed. The developers state that the app is on sale until they have achieved this month’s sales target but in my opinion this may be a target that becomes impossible to reach.

KartToon Rally by Ware-Wolf Games screenshot

The app icon is colourful and bold and the App Store screen shots show a game with great gameplay. The reality could not be any further away from this. The first thing you notice when loading the game is is the poorly constructed menu screen. The fonts and images look amateur at best and this lack of attention to detail is prevalent throughout the game. The graphics are poor and the gameplay is sluggish, unresponsive and frustrating. Never one to rush to a conclusion I gave the developer the benefit of the doubt and even performed a full restore and fresh install of the app to give it a second chance. I am afraid this did not help and left the game almost unplayable.

KartToon Rally by Ware-Wolf Games screenshot

I am sure the cosmetic flaws could be ironed out with a quick update but nothing short of a full rebuild could fix some of the gameplay bugs that I experienced. Bottom Line : Don’t waste your time or your money on this one.