With the release of the official Twitter app for iPhone, many users jumped ship from their original Twitter accessing investments to see what the hoopla was all about.  Some of us, however, stuck by our favorite apps even though the pressure to switch seems to be ever mounting.  But nothing helps more to ease that pressure than when a developer issues a worthy update, like The Iconfactory recently did, and now Big Stone Phone has done with Twittelator Pro and Twittelator Free.

Twittelator Pro and Twittelator Free now feature multitasking in the form of fast app switching, allowing you to exit the app to check on another pressing matter and quickly resume where you left off when returning.  Both apps have also been made speedier as well, with the developer claiming the apps are 10x more responsive.  In addition, the apps are now able to yield up to 100 search results, and have been given another editable retweet option.

So if you have stuck with Twittelator Pro or Twittelator Free through thick and thin, this should be a happy day for you.