The September issue of Macworld stars a familiar face on its front page: the iPhone 4.  Yet, the story behind the story is this: the photo featured was actually shot with another iPhone 4.

This is the first time contributing photographer Peter Belanger (who shoots most of the images for the magazine) used an Apple iPhone to shoot and process a cover. Typically Belanger uses a Phase One P65+ digital camera for his cover work. However, thanks to the advances made to the iPhone’s camera features in its fourth release, the photographer felt comfortable in producing a quality cover photo for the magazine.

He stated:

“My strategy for photographing the cover didn’t really change from how I who shoot normally. The iPhone’s Retina display is awesome. I was able to see the detail in the photo as I was shooting.”

For his post-production work, Belanger used PhotoForge ($2.99) and Resize-Photo ($0.99). Both apps are available in the App Store.

So does Macworld think the iPhone 4 is a suitable design tool?

Is the iPhone 4 ready for intense use as a magazine design tool? Probably not. But its camera is of remarkably high quality. We never would have said that about the camera on the original iPhone, but in the intervening three years Apple and the iPhone have come a long way.

I think the photo is absolutely beautiful. Be sure to check out the two apps mentioned here: PhotoForge and Resize-Photo.

[Photos: Macworld]