Cultured Code’s über popular iPhone and iPod touch task managing app, Things, has been updated to v1.6, which adds a bunch of often-requested features.  The one thing the company failed to address with its most recent update, however, is cloud syncing.  But let’s focus on the positives today, and we will just continue to hope that the next update contains this feature.

Things v1.6 now features:

  • Retina display graphics
  • Local notifications can remind you of due and scheduled tasks
  • Multitasking Support
  • TextExpander Support

Local notifications is long overdue since there was previously no way to get notified of due tasks except for icon badging.  Now the app is able to send you a single notification at a pre-dertermined time to remind you of tasks due that day.  Multitasking and local notifications require iOS 4.  Retina graphics are, of course, only available to iPhone 4 users.

Besides the feature additions, Things also received the usual stability improvements and bug fixes.

Things is available in the App Store for its usual price of $9.99.