Probably while looking for his traditional Mad Men fix, Techchrunch’s MG Siegler noticed an interesting thing this morning/last night; Apple didn’t refresh its iTunes Store pages. That is, new content has been added, as every Monday at 9pm. However, it didn’t get featured as it usually does.

Maybe we’re just gitty overhyped fanboys waiting for an Apple event, but we’re really tempted to see this as a sign of some new changes coming up in the iTunes space. Whether it’s an entirely new iTunes X or a new iTunes Store. Or at least, that’s what Siegler believes:

Because why roll out an update when you’re going to completely overhaul the store the following day?

Also, the layout of the TV Show section has been changed a bit lately, again pointing out at new option to acquire content.

Of course, this could just be an oversight or a technical issue. So what do you think, just a coincidence?