The latest installment in EA’s long-running football franchise, Madden NFL 11, is now available in the App Store.  It’s about time too since the NFL preseason has already kicked off, and the regular season is just around the corner.

EA, as they have with all of their past games, chose to go with separate iPhone and iPad versions of Madden NFL 11.  Both versions are similar, with only graphics, button layout and a couple of modes separating the two, and both focus on putting you in complete control of your favorite NFL team.

Madden NFL 11 for iPhone includes a new feature called “Total Defensive Control,” which allows you to create hot routes and change plays on the fly on defense just as you can on offense.  The game features completely updated graphics and rosters, with nearly 2,000 real-life players available.  It also features multiple modes of play, including a full 16-game season mode, playoff mode and local multiplayer, so you can go head-to-head against a friend.

Madden NFL 11 for iPad is nearly identical feature-wise, except it is currently lacking a multiplayer mode, although EA has promised to add it via a free update before the regular season kicks off.  The iPad version will also be gaining an exclusive “Vintage Voltage Football” mode, which will apparently resemble those old electronic football games you used to play with.

Madden NFL 11 for iPhone is now available for $7.99.  Madden NFL 11 for iPad is available for $12.99.  Expect to see in-depth reviews for both versions in the near future.