G5 Entertainment has justed released Supermarket Management HD for the iPad. The goal of the game is to help Kate climb her way to the top and become a supermarket manager.

Supermarket Management HD follows the successful iPhone/iPod touch game of the same name, and G5′s similar Supermarket Mania.

The game includes:

  • 49 challenging levels
  • 4 different shops
  • More than 13 upgrades for your shop and your character
  • 9 sale mini-games
  • 3 assistants to hire
  • 3 more special-task counters to purchase and upgrade

The game is addicting, but not the most challenging you’ll ever play. Each level offers terrific graphics and a soundtrack that is difficult to forget.

Supermarket Management HD is available today in the App Store for $4.99. Best of all, a lite version is also available for free.