Cisco has released an iPhone version of its AnyConnect product. Apple’s device is the first of the popular smartphone platforms to have an AnyConnect Client. This should prove once and for all that the iPhone is the go-to smartphone for businesses, especially those that seek better mobile security.

The company announced its AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client in March. The service provides for the centralized managing and securing of mobile computer hardware within a work environment. Initially the service was only made available on standard laptop platforms. With the release of its AnyConnect product for the iPhone, Cisco has expanded its reach to the smartphone market.

The iPhone version of AnyConnect includes VPN, which helps protect the data that flows between users and a company’s network. In addition, IT managers can create and push security policies directly to iPhone users. This means that potentially crippling apps can be blocked, preventing users from downloading them.

The client supports an array of authentication protocols, including RADIUS, RSA, Active Directory/Kerberos, LDAP, and others.

While the app is free, it does require that a company be using a Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) utilizing the latest software images. In addition, an AnyConnect Mobile license is also required. The app is available now in the App Store.