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New iPad Patent Reveals Side-Docking - FaceTime & More

New iPad Patent Reveals Side-Docking - FaceTime & More

September 26, 2010
We don't know how much credence we can give to these, but Patently Apple just unearthed some new iPad-related patents that might give us some hints as to what Apple is considering for its upcoming devices. It seems that Apple is thinking about giving us the ability to dock an iPad sideways, in landscape mode, via a new 30-pin connector on the side of the device. Next, the patent illustration features an interesting opening at the top of the device, but we can't tell whether this could be a front-facing camera for FaceTime or just a light sensor. Further, it seems that Apple is interested in making the corners of the device serve some purpose. Unfortunately, all we have are these illustrations, so we really don't know what that purpose may be. Patently Apple believes it could be a touch-sensitive area that could possibly be used for page turning. Another possibility would be to control multitasking.

These are some interesting ideas. There are definitely some interesting possibilities for the use of the iDevice bezels, or the currently "non-touchable" surfaces. However, I'm having a hard time believing Apple will put dock connectors all around their device, as these wouldn't look very good. As to the front-facing camera, we probably all agree that it's a given for the next iPad.

What do you think?

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