iPhone and iPod touch gamers have been clamoring for a compatible version of Mirror’s Edge for their iDevices ever since it launched for iPad way back on April 1st.  Well folks, it’s finally here, and only five months later.

Mirror’s Edge for iPhone is nearly identical to its iPad counterpart, with the only major differences being the lack of same-device multiplayer and Retina level graphics.  In the game you still control Faith Connors, an underground runner who is trying to stop a totalitarian regime from controlling the city and its inhabitants.

Faith is controlled via swipe gestures, which allows the screen to be totally void of buttons.  Swipe up to jump and climb, down to slide and roll, and left or right to change direction.  When each of these actions are operated smoothly, Faith runs even faster, allowing you to achieve some pretty quick times.  Each level’s time is recorded, and can be uploaded to EA’s online servers so you can compare with friends.  After a level has been completed in the story mode, you can always return to it and try to beat your previous mark.

Badges can be obtained by completing certain tasks, such as finding all of the hidden bags in each level.  Badges unlock high resolution wallpapers, which can be used on your iPhone or iPod touch.  The game also contains a total of 14 levels.

Mirror’s Edge for iPhone is now available in the App Store for $4.99, which is half the price of the iPad version.  Stay tuned to the site for an in-depth review.