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Review: 1951 - World War One - Realistic Aerial Combat


Take to the skies, and blast down enemy bi-planes for as long as you can. In 1951 - World War One there's an alternate reality storyline where Franz Ferdinand was never assassinated so the war didn't begin in 1914. Now in this 3D top down aerial combat game you get to fight for supremacy with tactical skill plus upgrade your fighter with slight RPG elements.


You tilt to fly your plane, and draw various shapes to perform a variety of aerial maneuvers. The game features a wave mode where you have to destroy all planes in a particular wave, and then a survival mode where you try to last as long as you can. You earn experience points which relate to adding perks to your fighter, and there are online high scores and achievements via OpenFeint.

The Good

The game is effortless to control, and it's silky smooth flying through the air, performing flips, and firing upon enemy aircrafts. The game provides a more methodical approach to aerial combat rather than an arcade feel. The game isn't action packed, but there is always action on the screen. You will deal with multiple enemy planes, but you'll need to fire upon one at a time to take it down completely while dodging enemy fire. The wave mode gives you plateaus to reach and concrete goals while survival mode is an endless style to suit anyone's fancy. You'll want to keep going through the wave mode, and the perks are essential for long time survival. The game looks great with excellent 3D modeling, and fine detail packed into the atmosphere with changing weather effects, and terrain below. The game flows smoothly with the firing on screen, to the smoke coming out of planes, until eventual destruction. There is a subtle action theme, but the majority of the sounds are the engines of the bi-planes, the firing on the ammo, and the bullets hitting the metal of enemy planes.

The Bad

The game may be a little slow moving for some, but just know what you're getting into as it is more simulation than arcade. The perks only come to you two at a time rather than a list, and if you miss one you won't see it again for awhile. The survival and wave mode meld together somewhat as the whole gameplay has a similar mechanic. You're just flying around firing on whatever plane is in your sight, and dodging from time to time. The game doesn't have as much strategy as you would expect, and for the most part seems too easy. It is great that the wave mode does let you pick up on the wave you were killed at.

The Verdict

1951 - World War One is an extremely well designed aerial combat game that is perfect for fans of the simulation genre. The 3D top down design is outstanding, and it's silky smooth controlling and watching the game. The game is a little on the easy side, and there isn't any long term challenge or variation to keep you coming back. For only $0.99 1951 - World War One is worth picking up, and even higher for aerial combat fans who want a more realistic feel.
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Review: 1951 - World War One - Realistic Aerial Combat

Review: 1951 - World War One - Realistic Aerial Combat