The folks over at Skyfire, as rumored, just submitted to Apple (last night) their new Flash-enabled browser. Now we finally have some details on the awesome features it will be bringing us.

According to their press release, Skyfire is indeed planning to bring Flash to your iDevices. It’s not the native Flash implementation that Google is bragging about (which sucks), but it probably will be better. The trick actually consists of Skyfire’s servers transcoding Flash content in the cloud and then serving it to you as streaming html5.

Technically, that should make the Skyfire browser kosher enough for Apple to approve. Yet, we never know. We have hope though, as they’re not the first at this game, other apps like Cloudbrowse can do similar things. Though Cloudbrowse is usually not very stable or good at doing it. Also, Skyfire claims their compressing technology is particularly efficient and should bring the data usage of video streaming down by up to 75%.

We didn’t get to try it yet, but Skyfire posted a demo video of their app working, and it looks awesome. Check it out:

As a reminder, it takes about a week, on average, for an app to get approved, so I guess we’ll find out soon enough what Apple thinks about this.