It seems there is less and less to be excited about in the App Store with so many new releases just being different skins of genres that have had success. There still are some things to be excited about, and one such game is FMX Riders which is an Arcade Freestyle Motocross Racer.

Most Motocross games to date haven’t been high on arcade style or action, and especially lacking freestyle tricks. FMX Riders looks to incorporate all of this plus bringing some very worthwhile features. The main aspect is the World Circuit career mode with nine tours, and over 40 events. The game will have four game modes in total with Race, Freestyle, Time Attack and Hotlap Time Attack.

FMX Riders is also incorporating Game Center for online multiplayer as well as online high scores and achievements. The game has a great cartoon art style as you can see from the images, and gameplay below, and will support the retina display. The game is expected sometime in November so you won’t have to wait too long, and will probably launch for $2.99, though no guarantees.

Below is gameplay footage using the TV out on the iPhone and component cables.