Parties require a lot of thought. At any given moment, an extremely fun party can become extremely boring. One way to keep a party interesting and exciting is through the use of lighting. If you think about it, many nightclubs and commercial parties make really good use of lighting. Through your Wi-Fi connection, and your iphone along with Wi-Fi enabled LED lights, you can control the lights at your party.

With the iGlo LED light set, you are basically purchasing a party in a box. You get a 16.4 foot strip (5 meters) containing 120 full color lights, and a Wi-Fi accessible control unit, that can be controlled via your Wi-Fi enabled iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone. Between the hundreds of preprogrammed sequences and your own creativity, your guests will be in a continuous state of awe.

Here it is on video:

The iGlo LED light set can be purchased for $299.00 USD, and must be used in conjunction with the free app by the manufacturer: iGLO LED Set by MEA Mobile.

How will you use the lights? For the upcoming holiday season, or for your parties? The possibilities are endless.