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Scary Clown Booth ($0.99) by go forth apps is just in time for Halloween. Turn a photo of yourself or one of your friends into a creepy clown, if you dare!

Scary Clown Booth by go forth apps screenshot

Ever wondered what you would look like as an evil clown? Well, now you can find out without all the messy makeup. You get three creepy clown faces from which to choose. You won’t find any funny Bozo or elegant harlequin clowns here — just the sorts of clowns designed to strike fear in your heart! Think Heath Ledger’s “The Joker” and you’ll have the idea.

The app is easy to use. It works just like their other app, I Am Vampire (see our review here). Simply take or upload a photo. You’ll want a fairly close-up, front-facing photo for best results. Choose a clown face, and adjust the mask to fit your face. Make the mask bigger or smaller, alter the dimensions, and rotate it as needed. Tap “Done” when you are ready for your clownification. Save your photo and upload directly to Facebook, Twitter, and/or email if you like. Your friends will want to know how long it took you to paint your face that way!

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