The plot surrounding the arrival of the iPhone on Verizon is thickening. The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times both claim it will be arriving in early 2011. Now, it’s CNET‘s turn to add some grist to the mill.

According to recent job postings, several partners of Verizon (call center companies), are going on a hiring spree for the next couple of months. On top of general support, for issues like: roaming, call plans, and charges; the thousands being hired will have to be able to assist people with:

technical support for personal computers and portable devices like MP3 players and smartphones.

The reason for the hiring being, according to a company VP, an early move in preparation for:

a new line of business for “a major wireless company.”

CNET feels very strongly that Verizon is the driving force behind all of this. And, this is one of their first moves to get ready for the iPhone’s arrival on their network. The iPhone’s arrival on Verizon will be a huge hit if it happens. Therefore, such a move would indeed make a lot of sense.

What do you think?