Bug Heroes is an upcoming game that takes elements of Dual Stick Shooter, Castle Defense, and RPG, and creates a new mash up filled with Bugs. You play as one of three Bug Heroes, and can switch around at will trying to defend your stash of food from waves of other bugs. You play in various household environments as you defend your horde of food from all fronts.

The game allows you to move the bug you’re controlling via dual stick controls, but also lets you set up turrets for castle defense. You earn points to upgrade your three bugs in RPG style, and each bug has their own strengths and weaknesses to begin with. There are multiple turret types, and all kinds of weapons in your arsenal, and you’ll need every single one facing huge throngs of enemies with 25 enemy types.

The game has an endless style to last as long as you can in a casual mode. There is also a more hardcore mode that features vast levels and optional side missions as well as the ability to find new food to stockpile. There are varied cameras, and special finishing moves whether in close combat or using long range weaponry.

Bug Heroes is reminiscent of the movie Starship Troopers, at least for me. The game is truly something different, and is one title to be anticipating the release of, which will be later this year. Watch the trailer below to get a taste of Bug Heroes.