FaceTime is without a doubt one of the most interesting features of the new iPhone 4. So having an iPhone 3GS in these times can be a bit frustrating. Especially if you consider that FaceTime allows you to place free calls all around the world with ease, not to mention the video.

A group of jailbreakers (the same ones that brought FaceTime to Middle East countries),¬†has now found a way to activate FaceTime on legacy devices like the 3GS. It’s only one way for now, as they can’t figure out how to get older cameras to work with it. However, it will allow you to the receive video, and exchange audio, which is quite an achievement.

It’s not extremely useful, but it’s still nice to have.¬†Their FaceTime-activating trick will be made available on Cydia shortly. In the meantime, check out this video to see how it works: