A quick heads up to notify everyone that Skyfire, the flash-enabled browser that hit the App Store yesterday, is no longer available for download. Before you send Steve another hate mail about it, let me stop you right there.┬áThe actual reason for the removal is simply that the app became so successful, so quickly, that Skyfire couldn’t cope with the demand anymore.

More precisely, the magic of Skyfire lies in its servers, which convert flash content on the go and stream it to you in a compatible format. They can only support so many users, and your massive enthusiasm was simply a bit too much. Therefore, to preserve the experience for the rest of the users, Skyfire had to pull their own app.

It will return as soon as they increase the capacity of their infrastructure. Also, if you had issues using it last night, don’t give up quite yet. I had the chance to try it early on, and it really does work. Hopefully they’ll be able to increase server capacity very soon.

How has your experience been so far?