Disney Mobile invited us to a special preview of everything Tron for the iOS devices to coincide with the upcoming movie Tron Legacy (12/17). The first thing was that the current free Tron app has a free update coming this Tuesday 11/16 that will include a Light Cycles game. The free app already includes a top down tanks game with 15 levels in single player plus there is multiplayer.

Now there will be a 2D top down Light Cycles game where you use the trail of light from your bike as an obstacle for your enemies. There are six mission based levels with six different power-ups, as well as online multiplayer. There is the ability to unlock Daft Punk’s new single, “Derezzed,” from the upcoming “TRON Legacy” soundtrack.

The Light Cycles game has swipe or tap controls as you battle against multiple enemies trying to box them in with your light trail. Light cycles games aren’t exactly rare with quite a few options already in the App Store, but this is the official Disney Tron version coupled with great looking visuals and quality gameplay. We got hands on with the game, and it really plays well with a much smoother pace and control system than current versions in the App Store.

Gameplay video:

Also included in the app is the Tron: Legacy Pop-Up Shop to give you access to the retail merchandise of the upcoming movie. At the Tron event we got to see some of the upcoming products at the Tron concept lab, and we have a video below of some of the items.

The best thing we saw though was the upcoming Tron: Legacy iOS game to go with the movie. It’s expected to be released sometime around the movie for $0.99. We will let you know more about it when Disney gives the green light, but one thing we can say is that you should be excited for it.