No one at Rovio has reason to be angry this holiday season. The Finnish-based game developer is said to have sold 12 million copies of its Angry Birds title in the App Store. This doesn’t include the 30 million downloads of the free version.

These numbers make Angry Birds the top selling app in the App Store.

According to MacStories:

The majority of revenues comes from the iPhone, and a lot of that is from advertising and the iPhone commercial advertising is working very well, Rovio likes that it’s all self-contained via Apple’s App Store – register once via iTunes, get access to everything Angry Birds offers within the app.

I’ll admit it: I was late to the Angry Birds party. But, now that I’ve found it, I am addicted.

There is also a line of Angry Birds plush toys available, which just confirms the game’s popularity.

In addition to the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad versions of the game, its developers have recently released Angry Birds Seasons. This game is also amazing.