One week before the expected release of Rupert Murdoch’s very hush-hush “The Daily” app, a small photo has leaked (shown above). The image, which was uncovered by Poynter’s Damon Kiesow, is of a house ad for the new app. It was uncovered along with some code for website (still marked “coming soon”).

Based on this, it appears “The Daily” will rely heavily on photography and other multimedia content. Beyond that, the photo itself doesn’t give much away.

However, Kiesow was able to dig up other clues by looking at the site’s source code.

It looks like the app will include a section called “Story Carousel” and will be heavily embedded with social networking links.

“The Daily” is expected to be announced on January 19. Murdoch and Steve Jobs are expected to make the announcement.

Available exclusively for the iPad, “The Daily” is expected to be available for a $4.25/month subscription fee.