Google’s “instant preview”, the recently introduced feature that allows you to preview websites in Google search without having to load them, hasn’t been much of a deal changer on the desktop. With Google now deploying it to the mobile space, it might soon start to make a lot more sense.

Indeed, as noticed by a 9to5mac reader, it seems like Google is now slowly bringing the feature to iOS users as well. In a nutshell, it will allow you to swipe through your results using virtual tabs featuring pre-loaded previews of the websites that came up (screenshot above). It’s seems particularly convenient, as you often might lose patience on your iDevice while going back and forth Google and the results, especially when you have to deal with a poor connection.

It seems like Google has found a renewed interest in improving its core service for mobile users lately. Earlier this week, Google added support for weather predictions right into search. There is currently no information as to when Google will be deploying preview to all of its mobile users.