In today’s 22nd episode of the seventh season of the iPhone on Verizon saga, we’re hearing some new clues that might point to the second coming of the Jesus phone, this time on Verizon.

Indeed, web-spider Mark Gurman from 9to5mac discovered early this morning that Verizon might have just purchased the rights to the and domains. Previously registered to a certain Jack Benton (a┬ásmart-aleck who happens to own, and much, much more), the domain has now been transferred to Verizon’s trademark department.

This doesn’t prove much as anybody could have faked these records, and you would think that Verizon would be more discreet about it. This might be a simple brand protection action and in no way proof of the arrival of the iPhone on Verizon. Yet, the fact that this is happening just a few weeks before the rumored launch of the Verizon iPhone by Apple (according to the NYTimes and WSJ), there might actually be something behind this.


MacRumors calls ‘bull’ on this news, which they believe dates from 2008.