There has always been a special connection between zombies and iOS, as well as side scrolling shooters and zombies after Zombieville USA started the craze. BioFenzy (Retina, $1.99) is a new 2D side scrolling shooter which looks very similar to Zombieville with the directional, and fire buttons to deal with the 2D bio infected enemies. The game is filled with side scrolling action, and has a few tricks up it’s sleeve to try to stand apart.

You’re given two skills with bullet time to slow down time, and amp up damage, and chromosphere to stop time except for you, and allow you to get out of sticky situations with no damage. You get a health and skill meter which are both upgradable at the end of every level. There is an inventory of over 20 weapons to buy, and you can equip four at the same time.

Rather than being conscious of the ammo you have, the ammo is unlimited, but your weapons overheat so you need to keep track, and switch often. Every five levels the background changes, and new enemy types are introduced that are faster or stronger. Throughout the level there is an indicator showing how much distance is left until, the end which is just a great addition.

Having the ability to have so many weapons you want to just keep going to have enough money to unlock more. The time shifting abilities really enhance the gameplay as it really helps out, but it depletes so quickly that you need to manage it closely. It’s plenty of fun blasting zombies in slow motion on top of just blasting all the zombies with all kinds of weaponry.

The visuals in BioFrenzy are top notch with all the various animations for each weapon type. The zombies are blown to bits shot by shot with an explosion of blood and guts, and different degrading intervals before finally being killed. The graphics really shine on fourth generation device or the iPad, and there is so much detail, and number of zombies.

On older generation devices there are crashing issues just because of all the action on screen so keep that in mind before purchasing. If you have the latest generation iOS devices you’re in for a graphical treat where every kill is entertaining in its own right, and you want to see more with the different weaponry. The game is repetitive in nature as there is only one button to attack, and every level is just killing zombies.

The controls aren’t the most precise so there are multiple times when you are tapping to fire, but it doesn’t pick it up. Sometimes you have to actually look down at the button to fire properly, and recenter your thumb on that button. The game includes Game Center, but after recognizing your account info there are no leader boards or achievements activated.

There is never a dull moment in this game, as zombies are continuously coming at you from the front and back. BioFrenzy is worth picking up for $1.99 for the retina version especially for fans of action and zombies.

There are multiple versions to allow for retina display, the iPad, and old gen hardware, but it would be great to have a universal build.