When it’s raining blocks what do you do? Why dodge them of course, and climb up the pile they create. You’ll be dodging, and jumping a lot in The Blocks Cometh. It’s a retro inspired game akin to The Incident. The blocks keep falling from the sky, and start to pile up.

Your goal is to climb up the pile for as long as you can. When a block cometh, and landeth on your head it’s game over. If you like fast paced danger packed games you’re in luck. There is a continuous stream of blocks falling down. It begins with a rapid pace, and only gets faster.

The blocks form very solid columns that fall into place in peaks and valleys. You can get trapped down below with huge block stacks around you. You have a gun at your disposal to blast away some blocks to make more manageable jumps. You can use d-pad or tilt controls for movement, and there are two action buttons for jumping and shooting.

The game is an endless survival ascent with blocks falling randomly every time you play. The one constant is the extreme challenge of the game. If you want a game where you die quickly and often then The Blocks Cometh has got you covered. You’ll die more times in this game than you thought possible.

The AI of the game makes the blocks fall to your disadvantage every time. Either they’re falling right on top of you, or forming huge stacks around you. Wherever you go the next block falls in the worst possible place for advancement. Also in most games when it’s a close call or death you’re given the benefit of the doubt. In Blocks Cometh you die every time a block comes close to you.

The hilarity of being so inept at the game wears off pretty quickly. Soon it’s just a frustrating game that you just exit, and probably delete. You’ll get a bit better the more you play. If you suck at the beginning though don’t expect much of an improvement no matter how long you play. This is an instance where practice doesn’t even make good, nevertheless perfect.

The extreme challenge can appeal for some, but just be warned. The retro style is bursting from every pixel. With the bitty graphics and pixel art you’ll be right back a couple decades ago. Then there’s the rapid techno beat fitting the game style and retro theme.

The Blocks Cometh ($0.99, iPhone) may appeal to retro fans at least for a little bit. The game is amusing for awhile with the difficulty and classic style involved. Still the overriding feeling is frustration. You can only take so much of it, and it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

If you like being a bludgeon for punishment by all means buy the game. For everyone else there are challenging games to be had without being over the top. The Blocks Cometh is one you can skip.