The Creeps gets in the holiday spirit with a new Valentines themed version that is reminiscent of Angry Birds Seasons. The gameplay hasn’t changed, but you just get new redesigned levels with a theme of the particular holiday. The Creeps gives you the same small scale cartoon tower defense where you can see the entire play are at once.

Your goal is keep the goofy, albeit creepy, creatures that go bump in the night away from the little boy in his bed cowering under the covers. The board offers a unique layout where there are few places to put your towers with all kinds of objects in the way. To place more towers you need to blast away the objects first, which is done by simply tapping the object for your towers to target it.

The Valentines theme is intertwined into the creeps, objects, and layout that oddly mixes sweet and creepy. The enemies are hearts, cupids, cupcakes, and teddy bears, but all with a slight element of creepy. The same game modes are included with survival, endless, and door buster mode, but with all new level layouts.

There are nine unlockable levels in survival mode which once you beat are are available for endless. There are also four door buster levels where you aim to destroy the closet door where the creeps enter. The Creeps is one of the most fast paced and fun tower defense games that doesn’t feel nearly as tedious as others.

It’s fixed path, and the game is all about upgrading a few wacky towers rather than having a whole bunch of towers. Unlike most TD games there aren’t a lot of dull moments or time to relax as there are always new waves of enemies coming at you, and there is always the goal to let no creeps pass. You can beat the levels, but to do them perfectly is a completely different challenge.

The cartoon art style is great, and the tower animations are always nice to see. The odd mix presented with the Valentines theme and the Creeps make it a whole new game to look at. The separate Holiday edition app seems like it would be a $0.99 in app purchase update, but wither way it’s worth the price tag.

Whether you’re a Creep fan, tower defense fan, or like the idea of Valentines intertwined into the game, The Creeps Holiday Edition is a quality pick up.