If you spent the better part of your week ranting about the hype surrounding “The Daily” in our comments; we hope you don’t have anything planned for tonight as you’re on for some more.

Indeed, Rupert Murdoch’s freshly released (yet deadly slow) iPad newspaper has treated itself to a full blown Super Bowl commercial tonight according to All Things D. Alright, it’s not quite the spending spree you would imagine, as both the Fox, which is airing the game and the Daily are owned by Murdoch. Yet, we don’t see many iOS apps get $3 millions worth of advertising pumped into them every week so stay awake tonight to see what they have to show.

On a brighter note, let me also remind you about the special promotion Angry Birds will be running tonight. As we reported last week:

The creators of the popular game Angry Birds have teamed up with the folks behind the upcoming animated film “Rio.” The end result is a 30 second spot, that will air during the Super Bowl. The ad will include a special embedded code that will give players a special level of play.

Don’t hesitate to share that code with the rest of the world in the comments tonight, we’ll be on the lookout as well.

Further on, Motorola has been teasing the tech world for a few days now with a new 1984-inspired ad targeted against Apple to promote their upcoming Android tablet. It’s due to hit the air tonight as well, and we’re looking forward to it.