Zap Tap Pro * Fastest Finger on earth by haha Interactive icon

Zap Tap Pro * Fastest Finger on earth ($0.99) by haha Interactive is a challenging new game that tests how fast users can tap their iDevices. More specifically, the game has 15 unique levels that are designed to not only test your speed, but also memory and reflexes. The first levels are simple; see how many times you can tap a button in a set time frame. But, as you progress through the game the levels become much more interactive and elaborate. Users must tap numbers in a set order, remember the order of colors and then be able to repeat them.

Zap Tap Pro * Fastest Finger on earth by haha Interactive screenshot

The game even tests your ability to do simple arithmetic. One level gives users addition problems they must solve to see if the answer is either even or odd. Other levels involve chasing a moving dot, only tapping a set color, and much more.

The levels are organized alphabetically; each level has a second part to it. However, the second part of every level is locked at first. Users have the option of unlocking all the levels for a $.99 in app purchase. But for those of us not willing to do that, playing the game long enough will eventually unlock all the levels.

The game gives users experience points when levels are completed. The experience points are put towards the users overall level, which is displayed at the top of the menu. The second part of every level can be unlocked through achieving a higher player level.

Zap Tap Pro is not a completely original idea; the game actually reminds me a lot of “Chase the Dot” which has a similar concept. That game involves tapping a dot, chasing it, and several other similar variations.

However, Zap Tap Pro offers a much greater variety of levels and challenges. The developers have done a fantastic job of taking a simple idea, and making it into an excellent arcade game. With high replay value, leaderboards, and much more, Zap Tap Pro is an excellent game and well worth the time to check out.